1. Website. 

The website Dings.nl is provided by Dings Kartonnages B.V. We are located in Tegelen and are registered in the register of companies of the Chamber of Commerce under number 12033705. This disclaimer applies to the use of our website. 

2. Mistakes on the website. 

We have taken the utmost care in preparing the information on this website. However, we cannot guarantee that the content of this information is complete, accurate or current in every way. We also cannot guarantee that the website will be available at all times without interruption. If you use this website, you accept that you cannot hold us responsible for any damages you incur due to incomplete, inaccurate or outdated content, or if the website does not function continuously without interruption.

3. Hyperlinks. 

Our website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. These hyperlinks have only been included as a service for the users of our website. However, we do not have a say in these third-party websites, thus we cannot guarantee that the information on the websites that are hyperlinked to ours is complete, accurate or current in all areas. Therefore, we also cannot guarantee that the information on the websites that is referenced in the links is provided in an appropriate and lawful manner. If you use this website, you also accept that we cannot be held responsible by you for any damage resulting from the use of the websites referenced by our hyperlinks.  

4. Intellectual property rights. 

The contents of our website (including texts, audio, video, photos, graphics, buttons, software and logos) are governed by intellectual property rights.  It is not permitted to download, make public, distribute or copy the (parts of) contents of this website in any manner whatsoever without our prior written approval.  Making public in this case refers to including the contents of our website on a different website via framing or embedding for example. Unless specified otherwise on our website, this approval is not necessary if you are viewing (parts of) the contents of our website in your browser for personal and non-commercial purposes.  

5. Online Communications.

Messages that you send us by e-mail (including the contact form) can be intercepted, misused or modified by third parties.  Therefore, we recommend that you do not send us any confidential information by e-mail. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that we will receive all e-mails you send to us (in a timely manner).  If you decide to send us e-mails, you accept the inherent risks associated with the use of this means of communication.

6. Changes. 

We reserve the right to add to or to change the contents of this website (including this disclaimer) without prior notice. We recommend that you check periodically to see whether the contents of our website have changed.

7. Privacy. 

Any information you provide to us will be handled confidentially and will only be used for the purpose of sending you the requested information and will not be shared with any third parties. In any case, we comply with the requirements set forth in the WBP (Dutch Data Protection Act).

8. Jurisdiction and applicable law. 

The use of our website is governed exclusively by Dutch law. Any and all disputes resulting from or in connection with the use of our website must be presented to the authorised court.

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