Founder Joep Dings

About Dings

Baker Joep Dings decided to start a wholesale business in bakery ingredients in 1960. He and his wife Annie led the company to growth and expanded the product line to include cardboard packaging for bakeries. He then purchased a printing press to produce printed packaging materials and paper products.  This marked the beginning of Dings Kartonnages B.V. In the years that followed, the company moved four times to a larger building and it evolved into an all-round cardboard packaging manufacturer and is now one of the largest beermat producers in the Benelux with approximately 40 employees.


No-nonsense and reliability (keeping your promises) are the two key words that are very important to Annie and Joep Dings. This did not change once their son Cas took over the management of the family-owned company in 1996. This philosophy has contributed towards the fact that Dings Kartonnages not only has a strong bond with its customers, but also with its employees. Therefore, the company has been able to retain a lot of knowledge and experience because the employees are very involved and they approach their work with enthusiasm.

Dings Kartonnages B.V. Dings Kartonnages B.V.
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